Labuan Islamic Bank

Labuan Islamic business is the business of receiving deposits on current account, deposit account, saving account or any other account in compliance with Shariah principles as may be specified by The Authority, conduct Labuan Islamic financial business as defined under Section 60 of Labuan Islamic Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 including the following business in compliance with Shariah principles:

  • Islamic building credit business
  • Islamic credit token business
  • Islamic development finance business
  • Islamic leasing business
  • Islamic factoring business
  • Islamic money-broking business
  • Such other business as The Authority with the approval of the Minister of Finance may specify

Entry Requirement

An application may be accepted from:

  • A bank or financial institutions
  • Possess sound track record
  • Accorded a good credit rating by acceptable rating agencies
  • Supervised by a competent regulatory authority
  • Conform to generally accepted standards of international banking practices, as the case may be