Staying / living in Malaysia (Malaysia Employment VISA / Business VISA)

  • Validity: Two (2) Years. Renewable for Ten (10) Years*
  • Can stay in more than Eleven (11) States & Federal Territories in Malaysia. Can Extend to East Malaysia.
  • Can Apply Dependent Pass for Family Members i.e. Spouse, Children, Parent etc.
  • Can Actively Invest and Do Business in Malaysia and Other Places.
  • 0% Personal Income Tax
  • Can Open Personal or Company Bank Account, Credit Card, Debit Card, ATM Card and Bank Cheque
  • Can Apply For Housing Loan and Other Bank Facilities.

  • Investor Friendly and No Stringent Requirements:
    Not required to Place Deposit & Purchase Residential Property, Not required to be insured in Malaysia, Not Required to Hire Local Staff, Paid up Capital RM 250,000, Physical Office Set up Either in Labuan or Kuala Lumpur
  • Application Processing Time: Within Two (2) Months.